Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Haitians find Comfort and Inspiration aboard Hospital Ship

Comfort's medical professionals, support personnel, civilian volunteers and patients gathered on the ship'smess deck for a service of remembrance and hope honoring Haitians affected by the earthquake that devastated Haiti one month ago.

What started as a solemn service to remember the estimated 200,000 individuals who lost their lives and 300,000 injured turned to inspirational singing.

Comfort's chaplains, several Red Cross workers and patients felt a service conveying a feeling of hope would be beneficial to everyone aboard the hospital ship. The service included prayers and singing as well as a public reading by Lt. Yonnette Thomas of a letter of appreciation from a former Comfort patient.

The letter said, "'I know if you weren't here, many of us would be dead. This is the biggest proof of love the U.S. could offer the Haitian people. You have given us life.'"

Prayers were lead by Comfort chaplains and Red Cross volunteer Rev. Noster Montas. Singing was led by The Joyful Noise Choir and Red Cross translator Simpson St. Fort. The ceremony concluded with a benediction led by Comfort Chaplain John Franklin.

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