Saturday, February 27, 2010

$2.5 Million in Relief

With many of the patients who initially received treatment being transferred to shore hospitals for after care, the Sailors on civilian mairners aboard have begun to focus there efforts on providing support where they can to thos facilities ashore. Last Thursday's evolution to offload $2.5 million in relief supplies is just one small example of those activities.

One hundred twenty pallets, consisting of general pharmaceuticals, health kits, dressings for wounds, and other medical supplies, were offloaded to an Army landing craft unit for transportation to a warehouse where the items will be cataloged before being sent on to help land-based medical treatment centers sustain follow-on care for Haitians injured in last month’s natural disaster. Many of these supplies will go to patients who were treated aboard Comfort.

The majority of the supplies were donated by non-governmental organizations, such as Project Hope. We've been working side-by-side with a lot of these organizations all along, and their help will continue to grow in imporatance in helping the government of Haiti with the long term recovery of the nation. They are capable, already on the ground, and doing a great job. The Comfort crew was happy to help boost that capability with the supplies.

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