Tuesday, February 9, 2010

From the Lab

Hello everyone. In keeping with the intent to share a borader picture of what is going on all over the ship, here appears commentary as written by Petty Officer La Croix:

As I approached this big white ship splashed with numerous red crosses I knew what our mission was: to provide care and comfort to those affected by the massive earthquake. I quickly learned the seriousness of the natural disaster after seeing a majority of the patients on board and the types of injuries that were sustained.

I work in the laboratory so I am “behind the scenes” when it comes to patient care, but I treat each specimen tube or sample as if it was my son or daughter's. I do also make sure that I walk through the inpatient areas and ICU’s to help refocus the reason I am here. I find it hard sometimes to cope with what I have seen but it also helps to reaffirm why I am here and what role I play during this mission.

I am grateful to have been part of the best medical crew to sail over the open water. And I say to the countless victims in Haiti, we are here for you.

HM2 Justin W. La Croix, Comfort Main Laboratory

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