Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Day 1

The USNS Comfort arrived off the coast of Port Au Prince this morning at approximately 0630 and dropped anchor just past 0800. Our wake up call on this day was a registered 5.9 earthquake that shook the ship as if it were exercising severe stern propulsion. Nonetheless, activity continued on pace as we were set to continue our patient transfer procedures.

Today was amazing for several reasons. Although their were faces which held despairand pain, there was relief from healing hands and an apparent admiration for the skill and compassion of the doctors, nurses and corpsmen aboard this ship. We all wear the uniform and we all serve a singular purpose to defend America; but here on this ship today, men and women of the United States Navy saved lives and genuinely performed out of the goodness of their hearts with the steely determination of their skilled minds. It was, to say the least, inspirational.

This is a feeling that you want to hold, that you want to keep it in a bottle and place it where you can see it and touch it all day long. It's the feeling of doing good for the sake of doing good and not because you're being watched or that there is another ulterior motive in mind. These men and women want to do their jobs and do it well. They deserve applause.

We will continue to communicate the story of what is happening here: the real life that is happening here, the humanity that is happening here, the good that is happening here. For it is truly - INSPIRATIONAL.


  1. My name is Jamie Smith, My wife LCDR Felecia Smith in on the Comfort. If someone on board can get a picture of her and post it so I can show my two children, I would appreciate it.
    Thanks and God Bless

  2. Our hearts here in Hampton Roads pour out to all of you, whom have so graciously offered your hearts as well as expertise in helping those who were devastated by the earthquake. It is especially heartwarming when you have a loved one over there that you know is one of the compassionate hands that has left her home to help those in need. May you all be safe and know that there are people who pray for your safe return home.

  3. Many peopple trying to contact @USNScomfort for neurosurgeon team which needs a place to operate. Can someone please contact @ShaunKing directly?